We are constantly working to improve our solution up here in Safe Lagoon country and have a early release beta program for active parents who want to give our latest stuff a shot and provide us with info on just how amazing (or not) it is.

We have just released SL v4 in Beta and we would love you to join.

So what's up with the new app?

  1. The Safe Lagoon browser is now an optional, separate, app - better for younger kids.
  2. Google Link -You can use Google Chrome, Youtube and all the Google tools like the Home search bar and Google app and get reports if you have made the link.
  3. Kids can open their SL app and see their upcoming schedules and the screen time remaining.
  4. This info is now provided by FINN - our new Virtual helper - this is just the start of the assistance that he will be providing to your kids as we tune up his artificial intelligence.
  5. 2-Step Verification - a major security feature that we recommend you use - it is activated in your Safe Lagoon account online portal in the Settings menu > Security 
  6. Phenomenal stability improvements and a new app framework - lots of behind the scene's stuff - very cool - which we hope will help us work better.

How to get your Beta powers:

  1. On your device, and on your child's devices, open the Google Play app
  2. go to: Safe Lagoon Parenting Solution ( its the blue icon) 
  3. scroll down to the Beta tester button and tap it.

 You'll need to join the Beta on the parent's and child's device.

Thanks for participating!

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