Safe Lagoon’s Family GPS Locator requires:

  • A solid internet connection on your child’s device ( mobile data or WiFi)

  • ‘Location Services’ to be enabled in your child’s device settings to ‘Always’ (for iOS)

  • Permission for Safe Lagoon to use Location services in Settings (for Android)

Using the online Safe Center:

To get a location update open the Safe Center >> Location>> Find Me button

This will send out a location update request to the app on your child's device.

When the spinner stops we will show the current or last known location of your child's device.

Using the Android Parent app

  1. Open the Location section of the Parental app dashboard 

  2. Tap Show on map

  3. Tap the Target button on lower right

If device location is not updating, please check that they have an internet connection and verify that location services are enabled in your child’s settings.

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