Due to the way Apple allows apps like Safe Lagoon to interact with their products our feature set differs from Android to Apple. 

Safe Lagoon features working on iPhone:

  • GPS location tracking and geo-zone notifications

  • Web filtering

  • Search reports

  • YouTube monitoring

  • Screen time limits

  • Screen time Apps Scheduling

  • Instant blocking

The key differences on Apple devices

Apple makes it impossible for us to determine which app is being used on an iPad or iPhone. As such we are unable to provide per-app monitoring or blocking rules and it becomes an ALL OR NOTHING affair. Either the iPad or iPhone is in use or it isn’t. Either device usage is allowed or it is blocked.

You will see the list of apps in grey in the Safe Center. Some of them are in color - we are working now with Apple and these apps in the near future will be individually set to be always available, blocked or subject to schedules (default).

We do still support Play/Pause, Schedules, and Screen Time Limits but when it is enabled then any iPad/iPhone usage will count towards the limit and when the time is up we will block all the non-system (downloaded) apps on the device. 

When the apps are blocked they will disappear. 

Web or Search history

We provide you with the Search history and information and notifications of blocked sites. We do not provide the page by page history of sites visited.

Apps are re-arranged

After a blocked period iOS will not put the apps back in the same place as they were before the device was blocked. So if your child has lots of folders with apps in them, then it will mess up their organization. To prevent this please use the Keeper

Specific to iOS - control of downloaded (3rd party) apps.

So with Schedules on iOS, you can schedule pauses of everything like "School" and "Bedtime" but the flexibility for blocking individual apps that you have downloaded from the App Store is not there like we have on Android.

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