The Safe Lagoon app can be set up in Parental mode on your Android device to allow you to monitor your child’s online activity and receive push notifications and access requests from your child.

Setting up Safe Lagoon for Parental monitoring on your Android is easy. 

Step 1. If you have not registered yet with Safe Lagoon account visit here and sign up.
Step 2.
Take your device and open the Google Play store app and search for Safe Lagoon.
Step 3.
Press install and open
Step 4. Enter the credentials you used to sign up with.
Step 5.
 When prompted; select “Parent” and Safe Lagoon will set up in Parent mode.
Step 6. Install Safe Lagoon on your children’s devices and their activity will be reflected in the parental app, if you have already set up your kids then their information will be immediately available to you in the Safe Lagoon parent app.

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