One of the places where kids spend a lot of time is on YouTube and parents had asked us to expand our service to cover it - and we did! 🙌

If you would like to take advantage of this you can quickly set up via our app during install or later on from within the app itself.

You will need your Child's Google ID and Google Password

To set up or re-set the link to their Google account:

  • On your Safe Lagoon parent app - open the menu on the left hand side of your dashboard

  • Tap "Social Linking"

  • Tap on " Google Link setup"

  • Next to your child's profile - Toggle OFF 

  • wait a minute

  • Next to your child's profile - Toggle ON

  • and then set up the Google link again

This is the child's Google ID and should be running on the phone.

You will then receive a feed of the YouTube videos and sites your child has looked at in the Internet timeline.

To watch the videos yourself just click on them and they will start playing. Cool.

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