With scheduling we allow you to set healthy time limits for apps and game usage easily.

You can create multiple schedules for different profiles using Safe Lagoon in Parent mode or online in your Safe Center - now management of your child’s device is in the palm of your hand.

We have made things quick and easy for you by grouping apps in predefined categories that you can block with a click instead of picking through a large list of apps. 

So keep in mind you don't need to select "Apps" as a category - this is where you would tap to select an individual app for a particular schedule

Using the Safe Lagoon Parental app

Step 1. Open Safe Lagoon app on your device and select the child's profile (in the upper right corner) that you would like to apply the schedule to
Step 2. Press the Screen Time button on your dashboard
Step 3. Choose Set Schedules & Screen Time
Step 4. Press the purple + button on the bottom right of your screen.
Step 5. Choose "Create Schedule".

Step 6. Select the categories (Games, Media, etc) you would like to block
Step 7. Give your schedule a name.
Step 8. Set the time period “From” and “To”.
Step 9. Select which days you would like this Schedule to apply to.
Step 10. Press Save.

Using the Safe Lagoon Safe Center

Step 1. Open any browser and go to https://safelagoon.com/en/login.html to login Step 2. Select the "Schedule" Tab 

Step 3. Select the time, days and categories of apps you would like to block.
If you want to block individual apps - then select Apps and select from the list - but you don't need to "double block" if you have already selected an entire category.
Step 4. Give your Schedule a name
Step 5. Save

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