Safe Lagoon uses a real-time intelligent content filtering engine that checks every website accessed by your child against our massive and constantly expanding database of web resources.

We have over a hundred categories covering millions and millions of sites.
Seriously, it's totally huge and updated daily.

To simplify things we have designed a set of “always on” forbidden categories such as Pornography, Narcotics, Chat rooms, Anonymizers, etc.

There may be some additional categories or specific sites which you may like to allow or to block.

Using the Safe Lagoon Safe Center

Step 1. Open any browser and go to to login
Step 2. Choose the profile you want to edit.
Step 3. Go to the “Internet” tab.
Step 4.
Press “Set Rules”

Step 5. Choose entire categories or enter the sites you want to block or allow - we recommend doing a copy & paste from the address bar of your browser to avoid mistakes in the address

Step 6. Hit “Add”

Using the Android Parental App

In Parental mode, you can select internet categories to Allow or Block
(specific site filtering is only in the online Safe Center)

Step 1. Open the Safe Lagoon App you have installed on your device as a Parent (instructions on how to do that are here)
Step 2. Tap on “Internet” and then tap “Details”.
Step 3. At the tap “Rules”.
Step 4. Click on the box to the right to either Allow or Deny that category

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